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Education Fund of CSDC Shenzhen Branch
  • (2013-06-07)

The China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited (CSDC) Shenzhen Branch Education Fund was founded in 2007 to receive voluntary donations from company staff. The education fund sticks to the core concept of poverty alleviation through education and aims to help children from poor families in poverty-stricken areas, ethnic minority areas, and border areas receive fundamental education.

Staff members and their families contributed enthusiastically to the fund, not only through random donations, but also by subscribing to a regular donation program in which subscribers voluntarily donate no less than 100 yuan every month. To make better use of the fund, the Shenzhen Branch has set up a committee to manage the fund. A planning group, an execution group, a financial group, and a materials management group have been set up under the committee to promote sound development of the fund and to ensure that every penny collected is used in the right place.

In the past six years, donations of the Shenzhen Branch have warmed the hearts and lit up the hope of many children in remote areas, and given them an opportunity to receive education. What the fund has done include:

--Donated more than 160,000 yuan in 2008 to purchase desks and chairs for central primary schools in three poverty-stricken mountainous townships in Susong County, Anhui Province. To be specific, 514 sets of experiment desks and chairs were donated to the central primary school in Zhifeng Township, 457 sets to the central primary school in Aikou Township, and 399 sets to the central primary school in Liuping Township, totaling 1370 sets with a total value of 161,306 yuan.

--Participated in the sales of 23 photos contributed by Mr. Ke Weixiang and donated all proceedings from the sales to the project of aiding outstanding impoverished students sponsored by Sichuan Charity Federation. To be specific, the donation amounted to 39,600 yuan, which was used as a stipend for 10 students in a year.

--Donated 70,000 yuan and participated in the Happiness Jigsaw Puzzle campaign sponsored by Southern Weekly. This campaign aimed to help relieve children in earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan province from psychological shadow after the earthquake and help schools to establish reading rooms.

--Donated 30 computers in 2009 to the audiovisual room of the central primary school in Liuping Township, Susong County, Anhui Province, and 20 computers to the audiovisual room of the No. 1 Mongolian Experimental School in Alxa Left Banner. These computers are effective learning tools that would help students keep pace with the development of society and the latest technologies.

--Donated 86,400 yuan and participated in the Assistance Plan for Substitute Teachers in Gansu (that is, the Candle Movement organized by Southern Weekly). The plan provided a low-sum loan of 4,000 yuan for each impoverished substitute teacher. The amount had been transferred to the special fund account for the Candle Movement of the Red Cross in October 2009.

--Donated more than 200 parcels of clothes and books in 2011 to children in the storm-stricken areas in Xinjiang through the “Love for Xinjiang – Heart-Warming Project of Geely Automobile” organized jointly by the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper and Geely Automobile.

--Donated 110,000 yuan in 2012 to the Small Beneficent Desk activity (as part of the 9th Shenzhen Project Care campaign organized by the Shenzhen Evening News and the Shenzhen Project Care Foundation). The activity aimed to donate 1000 desks for impoverished students in mountainous areas in Guizhou and Jiangxi.

Children are our future. The projects organized by the education fund of the have warmed the hearts and lit up the hope of many children. Their smiles are the best gift to our hearts and make a difference to our lives.

We believe that, with continuous support and incessant efforts of the employees of Shenzhen Branch, more and more children will have their dreams come true.


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