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CSDC donated RMB 600 thousand to Dandelion School, a school for children of migrant workers
  • (2014-11-14)

According to the deployment of CSDC party committee for making donations to Dandelion School, a school for children of migrant workers, in September 2014, the party committee office, the employees’ union and the youth league committee jointly launched the fund raising activities in CSDC Beijing affiliates. RMB 600 thousand was raised in this event. The leaders and employees in Beijing affiliates (including CSDC headquarter, Beijing branch and information infrastructure construction company) donated RMB 277.4 thousand, and the company donated 322.6 thousand. Dandelion School was founded in 2005 at Shoubaozhuang Village, Daxing District, Beijing. It is the first school approved by the government and founded for the children of migrant workers. It has nearly 600 students who are the children of the migrant workers in Beijing.

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(I) The donation site

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(II) The donation site

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(III) The donation site

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(IV) The donation site

The donation ceremony was held on November 2 in Dandelion School. Mr. Zhou Ming, party committee secretary and chairman of the company, Ms. Han Ping, deputy general manager, Mr. Wu Xiaoqing, president of Dandelion School, Mr. Zheng Hong, principal of the school, as well as the representatives from the party committee office, the trade union and the youth league committee participated in the ceremony.

As pointed out by Mr. Zhou Ming in his speech, the education problem of the migrant worker's children is a social problem in the urbanization process of our country. The solution of this problem has direct bearing on the long-term stability and development of the state and society as well as the protection of the rights and interests of the migrant children. Dandelion School provides the education opportunity to the children of the migrant workers in Beijing. It is a foundational cause that will benefit not only today's people, but also generations down the road. As the infrastructure in financial capital market, CSDC also plays a basic role of support for the financial capital market and real economy. Although we are in different fields, we have the equally important roles and significance. By making donations to school, CSDC took an active part in the public welfare undertakings, with an aim to pay back the society, undertake the social responsibilities, and make a contribution to the education of migrant worker's children. CSDC will continue to strengthen the relation with Dandelion School, and do more to help develop education. Mr. Zhou Ming also told the students that they should cherish the valuable learning opportunities, turn the care of the uncles and aunts from CSDC into the power of studying hard and assiduously, in order to the learn new knowledge, master new techniques, develop new skills, and become the pillars of society.

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(I) Donation ceremony

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(II) Donation ceremony

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(III) Mr. Zhou Ming chatting with students

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(IV) Mr. Zhou Ming watching the students' works

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(V) Mr. Zhou Ming visiting the classroom

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(VI) Mr. Zhou Ming visiting the faculty office and library

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(VII) Students presenting love cards to Mr. Zhou Ming



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