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Greening Alax, Bettering the Characters of CSDC People
  • (2015-11-14)

In April, 21 CSDC employees, led by Ms. Han Ping, deputy general manager of the company, went to Alax Banner of Inner Mongolia to carry out the 2014 Alax national conditions education and practice activities. This program was sponsored by Shenzhen Stock Exchange and received active participation from CSDC and several other units. In 2002, Shenzhen Stock Exchange signed a cooperation agreement with Alax military subarea to jointly plant the "Century Forest of Youth" and carry out the national conditions education and practice activities. In 2003, the first batch of volunteers of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and CSDC Shenzhen branch came to Alax to plant trees and control desert with the soldiers and civilians of Alax. In 2011, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and CSDC jointly made contribution and raised funds to establish Alax Fund for Nature.

This year is the 12th year of this program and the year with the largest number of participants from CSDC. Many young employees and outstanding staff from Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen branches as well as the information base company and the CSDC headquarter participated in this event. This program aims to enhance the  spiritual civilization and develop enterprise culture, with the focus of "education". It is designed to deepen the employee's understanding of the national conditions through practices, increase their sense of urgency and sense of responsibility, improve their working style and develop teamwork and the spirit of arduous struggle.  This program lasted for one week. It adopted paramilitary management, and four types of education and practice activities were provided, including tree planting and desert control, military training, national conditions education, and military and civilian interaction.

Planting trees and controlling desert, realizing ecological and green environment. Alax Banner is located at the west end of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, covering an area of 270,000sqms, including over 220,000sqms of desert. Ulan Buh, Badanjilin and Tengri deserts run through the banner. It is a major sand source of our country. The "Century Forest of Youth" we planted is at the edge of Tengri desert. It is an important ecological shield for preventing the wind, stabilizing sand and protecting our homes. A brief kick-off was held before the planting, on which Ms. Song Liping, general manager of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and Ms. Han Ping, deputy general manager of CSDC, made a speech, calling on each one to develop the spirit of " Just do it." and make contribution to the ecological afforestation. Under the guidance of the local forestry experts, all the employees took an active part in the planting. Some dug holes, some planted the sapling, while others irrigated. When we were tired, we just sat on the sand for a rest. When we were hungry, we just had some buns and vegetable grain porridge in the wind and sands. After two days of hard work, the CSDC employees planted nearly 1000 scoparium saplings (a kind of psammophytic drought-enduring plant) and elm saplings, successfully completed the task. Although everyone was tired, yet when seeing the green saplings planted in the desert, all of them smiled. As Ms. Han Ping, the deputy general manager said: "we seem to see the pieces of oasis in the future."

Attending military training, bettering will power. From the first day when we reached Alax, we lived in barracks, wore the training clothes and started the army life. Everyday, we got up, did morning exercises and made housekeeping at whistles, then gathered and went to the canteen shouting slogans. After the meal, we would take turns on duty and do some cleaning. In the evening, we would hold a class meeting to exchange the experiences, and we would respect the regulated dormitory sleeping hours. On the second day after the completion of planting task, although very tired, we still took an active part in the military training. From posture and queue training to the study of firearm knowledge, we learned and practiced carefully each action. Although Alax had an awful weather, and the training was very tiring, the aged employees and female employees stuck with it, because we all knew that the purpose for us to leave the comfortable environment in the cities and receive military training in the deserts in the Great Northwest was that we wanted to better our will power and character. When the training was finished, we were able to finish the required motions correctly and in a neat and orderly form in the parade inspection, proudly showing our elegant demeanor. At this time, we all felt that the purpose of this program was achieved.

Receiving national conditions education, responding to call of duty. During the event, the fund and military subarea organized us to visit the Alax museum and frontier sentry, and held several national conditions education lectures for us. In the museum, we learned the geography, history, nature and culture of Alan, and were greatly impressed by the spirits reflected in the returning home of Torgud mongol people and "yielding banner for 3 times" by Ejin Banner people. At the Shenxianshan sentry, we were greatly impressed by the persistence and contribution spirits of the frontier guards. We really felt the soldiers' spirit of "having the grassland heart, populus diversifolia will, camel character and war horse glory". We shook hands and embraced the soldiers one after another when we left, in order to show our sincere respect and thanks. The political commissar and old commander of the military subarea told the inspiring deeds about how the frontier guards protected our country, guarded the frontier, planted trees and controlled deserts under the extremely hard conditions with vivid examples. We were fully touched by the hardship that the soldiers had faced, amazed at the huge change brought by the treat planting and desert control in these dozen years, and realized the mission and purpose of greening our homes.

Participating in military and civilian interaction, showing our styles. This event is also a platform for mutual learning and exchange. The employees and the soldiers all showed their outstanding styles and spirits. After the intense military training was over, we had a friendly basketball match with the instructors. Although it was a friendly match, all of us took it seriously. Thanks to careful design of the tactics arrangement, the match was really exciting. Three CSDC employees participated in the match and contributed half of the scores. At last, we won the representative team of the military subarea with only 2 points. In the last evening of the event, we had a party in the canteen. The employees and soldiers with literary skills actively performed on the stage. The political commissar of the military subarea played an Ehru masterpiece Horse Race. Zhou Siyu, a CSDC employee played the Shooting Song with accordion, pushing the atmosphere to the climax. We hobnobbed with each other and talked about friendship at the party. Thinking of the sweats and harvest in all these days, and the farewell with Alax tomorrow, many people's eyes grew moist.

We had a big harvest in this short-term event. Each of our CSDC people had our minds purified. We deeply understood the struggling spirit of Alax, that is "Don't care about the result, just do it.", because we all believe that no pains, no gains. When we return home, our CSDC people will bring this spirit to our life and works, enhance our sense of mission, and fulfill our duties in a down to earth manner. CSDC will assume more social responsibilities going forward. The new "century forest of CSDC" will become our spiritual home. We will send more employees and call on more enterprises and organizations to participate in the activities of greening environment and bettering character.

Alax, see you next year!



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