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CSDC Held the 1st Training Session on Account and Deposit Business in 2013
  • (2013-06-02)

      In line with relevant requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) for improving working style and combating extravagance, the CSDC pools its resources in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen and organizes centralized training sessions in Beijing for the convenience and benefits of its customers. From May 21 to 24, 2013, the CSDC held the 1st training session for market participants in Beijing. The training session covered such subjects as account, pledge, non-trading transfer, and collateral management, and attracted nearly 270 people from 95 securities companies. 

      In the speech delivered on the training session by Dai Wenhua, Deputy General Manager of the CSDC, he extended his sincere thanks to securities companies for their vigorous support and cooperation in all these years. He also pointed out that, as the backbend, the registration and settlement system is the important financial infrastructure for secure and efficient operation of the securities market in China. The innovative development of the market in recent years has raised new requirements for the registration and settlement work, and the registration and settlement business is under constant development and improvement. Securities companies and the CSDC have to work together to do the registration and settlement work better. The CSDC attaches great importance to timely and comprehensive business training on registration and settlement and aims to strengthen communications with securities companies, improves the quality of the registration and settlement service, prevent risks, and protect the rights and interests of investors through training.
      The CSDC has made good preparations for this training session and tried to enrich the training session by employing new training methods. Firstly, it centralizes the training session of similar topics in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, to facilitate learning, comparison and memorizing of trainees. Secondly, it introduces new business into the training session, including consolidation of securities accounts, an online information platform for the pledge of securities, remote agent registration of a pledge of securities by securities companies, and collateral management. Thirdly, it holds an environmentally friendly training session by offering electronic training materials and an on-site network environment. Fourthly, it improves the teaching mode by putting emphasis on case study, on-site operations, and interactiveQ&A sessions.
      Trainees think highly of our arrangement of pooling training resources in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, and respond positively to our new teaching mode of case study, on-site operations, and interactive questions and answers. In addition, a satisfaction survey made after the training session also collects many valuable opinions and suggestions from trainees, which will help us further improve the training quality.
      During the training session, the CSDC also has an informal discussion with representatives from some securities companies. Leaders and related department supervisors of the CSDC have discussion and exchange opinions with those representatives on such topics as accounts, pledge, non-training transfer, third-party collateral management, and fund TA business. After the meeting, the CSDC will analyze the questions raised by securities companies, develop a solution, give feedback to securities companies in time, and improve the registration and settlement service.
      This training session promotes a unified market image of the CSDC and receives high recognition from trainees. In the future, the CSDC will optimize training sessions, unify training materials, build up the trainer team, improve the overall training service level, and support the innovative development of a multi-level capital market.


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