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CSDC Holds a Themed Investor Education & Interaction Campaign: Where Is My Stock? - Stepping Into the CSDC
  • (2013-12-05)

On November 22, the CSDC held a themed investor education and interaction campaign: Where Is My Stock? - Stepping Into the CSDC. A total of 47 representative individual investors were invited. During the event, the investors visited the reception halls, business halls and system operation monitoring rooms of CSDC Shanghai and Shenzhen branches respectively and experienced firsthand the self-service functions available via the second-generation ID card, including inquiring about account information and stock balances. Then the investors had a meeting with the leaders and business personnel of the CSDC to gain a general understanding of the company profile, customer service, issue registration, equity, cashing and interest payment services of the CSDC. During the interactive stage, the business personnel explained in detail the issues that concern investors, such as dividend tax differentiation, private placement and the services of the pledge registration platform of the CSDC. The investors also provided a lot of feedback and suggestions for improving services and reducing costs for the investors.

This interaction campaign is a CSDC’s initiative to serve and protect the investors, and it has received a warm welcome from individual investors. Through this event, the investors not only improved their awareness as shareholders, but also developed a better understanding of the securities registration and settlement business. The investors hope that the CSDC will hold more innovative and interesting educational activities like this one in the future. Thanks to this activity, the CSDC gathered a lot of feedback and suggestions from individual investors and accumulated valuable experience, which is good for the continuous improvement of the investor services.



Q&A session between business personnel and investors



One investor experiencing self-service function with her ID card


Exchange and interaction


Visiting the system operation monitoring room



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